A Golf Store Job Is The Best Way To Buy New Golf Equipment At Deep Discount Prices!

Get yourself a golf store job & buy everything you need for golf at unbelievably low prices! How do I know? ‘Cause getting a job at a golf store is just what I’ve done recently & I’m reaping the benefits.

Just about the time my wife convinced me to get myself another part-time job (in addition to working at the golf course), we drove by a new strip mall anchored by a well known golf superstore.

Although a job in retail has never had any appeal for me, talking about golf all day has. As with working at a golf course once again I’m working in an environment that I love being in! The money’s reasonable & the time flies. However, for the frugal golfer, the best reason to work at a golf store are the benefits!

A Golf Store Job Is The Best Way To Buy New Golf Equipment At Deep Discount Prices!

I’m in the market for a new set of irons (my current ones are eight years old). Now like many of you, this prospect carries with it equal parts of excitement and apprehension for me. When you shell out several hundred dollars on clubs with the potential of significantly improving your game, you want to make sure you go about it the right way. There is no better way than when you have a golf store job. I have ready access to tons of information about equipment, the most important of which are the other employees, some of which have been in the business for decades! Also, since I can demo anything in the store in our hitting bays, I can quickly zero in on those irons that are best for my game.

After hitting a number of ultra game improvement irons, I’ve identified the set that works best for me. Now this is where the biggest benefit the frugal golfer gets from a golf store job comes in — the incredible discounts available! Depending on the brand and model of equipment, you can expect to pay somewhere between 35 to 65 percent of retail price! Fortunate for me the set of irons best for me is a lesser known brand that has a very deep discount for store employees.

So students, retires, teachers, or anyone else with some spare time (I only work about 12 hours a week!), get yourself a job at a golf store & reap the benefits. Some of the big chains with numerous store locations in the United States are Edwin Watts, GolfGalaxy, and Golfsmith. There is simply no better way for the frugal golfer to maximize his golf equipment dollar that to get a golf store job!