A Good Baby Shower Checklist Will Make Planning Easy

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We want to take you through each step of planning your first baby shower, so we’ve included every small detail, as well as the important ones.

You will find many suggestions of things to include in your shower, but you can decide which ones to use.

You can relax and feel confident that your baby shower is going to be well organized and go off without a hitch. Well, at least that’s the plan! Even the most experienced hostess cannot predict everything that might happen, so try not to worry if someone spills something on your carpet or your guests arrive late.

Remember that you’re planning a celebration of life and life is full of unpredictable events.

A Good Baby Shower Checklist Will Make Planning Easy

Use our baby shower checklist and you will be that much closer to planning a wonderful baby shower.

You will need Adobe Reader to view our checklist.

Microsoft Office has an excellent baby shower planner that allows you to keep track of RSVPs, expenses, and your to do list.

This planner is suited only for those of you who are familiar with MS Excel and spreadsheets. The document will quickly download to your Excel software where you can save it for easy access. You need MS Excel 1997 or later.