A Guide To Choosing An Exercise Ball That’s Perfect For You

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Choosing an exercise ball is simple if you follow a few guidelines. First you must determine the size of your ball, and then you must decide on its purpose.

Choosing an exercise ball size is going to be partly determined by your height. Below you’ll find some general guidelines to help you determine the exercise ball size that’s right for you. Just remember that nothing is written in stone.

If you are shorter than 5’3″ you should choose a ball that is 55cm. If you are between 5’3″ and 6′ then you should choose a ball that’s 65cm. If you are over 6′ tall, then you may opt for a ball that’s 75cm.

Another method for choosing an exercise ball size is while sitting on the ball, your thighs should be parallel or a little above parallel to the floor, with your knees level or a little below the height of your hips.

If you’re sitting up too high, with your knees well below your hips, then the ball is probably too big. If you’re knees come up to your chest, well, that ball may be too small.

That’s pretty much it. Notice how broad these guidelines are for choosing an exercise ball size that suits you. They leave some room for interpretation so in the end you should choose the ball size you’re most comfortable with.

The next criteria for choosing an exercise ball is going to be determined by how you intend on using it.

A Guide To Choosing An Exercise Ball Thats Perfect For You

For example, will you be doing weight training exercises with it, or are you jut going to be doing bodyweight only exercises?

Will you be using it strictly for stretching, yoga, or pilates or are you going to use your exercise ball for a variety of purposes?

I use my exercise ball for both weighted, and bodyweight exercises as well as for stretching. Plus I recently started doing Yoga, and am looking to start Pilates soon.

When I chose my exercise ball, I did so with the knowledge that I was going to put it through some tough steps. I needed a durable ball, that could take my punishment and not burst on me.

Imagine me doing bench presses, and then come to find out the ball isn’t meant to bear the extra weight. That could lead to some serious injuries.

So, when choosing an exercise ball, make sure you take all of this into consideration.

You’ve got some choices…

There are several exercise balls to choose from. I personally use two different kinds. I use the TUFF Brand exercise ball (55cm) and the Megafitness Antiburst Exercise Ball (55cm).

I picked the TUFF Ball because after some thorough research, I found that this is the one I needed considering what I would be using it for, and how tough I would be on it, and it’s reasonably priced.

Price tends to increase with the size of the ball, and this goes for most brands too. My 55cm TUFF Ball sells for about $35.99.

I actually ran into some exercise balls that go for as much as $170 and more! Usually, these brands are super tough and built to withstand thousands of pounds of weight. These are ideal if you plan to do some power lifting with your ball.

That’s a bit too pricy for me, and not really in tune with what I use my exercise ball for. But, at the same time you want to stay away from cheap, poor quality made balls that might burst on you.

The TUFF Ball is made of a heavy duty material and is burst proof. It’s rated at 350 lbs, but its actual maximum weight limit is 2500 Lbs!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t lift anywhere near 2500 lbs, and at least I have the piece of mind in knowing it can handle any weight I throw at it.

For us mere mortals, the TUFF Ball is exactly what we’re looking for–durable, rugged, and able to withstand just about any load safely, without risk of bursting.

And no, they’re not just for weightlifting. They’re still exercise balls so you can use them for stretching, or Yoga, or Pilates, or picking up your car (just kidding).

They also come in a variety of sizes, and colors and are not too expensive considering how rugged they are (I’ve been punishing mine for about two years now).

I also own a Megafitness Antiburst Exercise Ball, which costs a bit less (about $26.99 for the 55cm size) than the TUFF Ball, but that does not mean it’s of a lesser quality.

I’ve been using this one for a little over a year. I’ve found it to be very rugged and can withstand weights up to 600 lbs. Not quite as tough as the DuraBall, but 600 lbs is still pretty respectable by any standards.

I’ve put the Megafitness ball through it’s paces too and I originally got it as a back up. I usually store this one in my car and use it when I go on the road which is quite often.

I like to travel, and enjoy roadtrips. It’s been my faithful companion when I didn’t have access to any sort of gym equipment.

These are the only two I can recommend because they’re the only ones I’ve personally used. Recommending any other exercise balls just wouldn’t feel right unless I’ve been punishing, er, I mean using it for at least six months and have personally experienced it’s durability.

Obviously, you can choose your own exercise ball but the following are the ones I recommend. They’re the perfect blend of quality and price.