A Guide To Puerto Banus Cinema

Elvis Elvis

The cinema in Puerto Banus is called Gran Marbella. Its situated right in the centre of Puerto Banus, close to TGI Fridays and Marina Banus.

There are 7 screens and show all the latest films as in the UK. They nearly always have 1 film which is in English / its original version. When you pick up a leaftlet at the cinema, when you see V.O, this means Version Original.

If you park in the main car park under the large plaza in Puerto Banus, you can get 3 hours free parking. You take your car parking ticket to the ticket office, when you buy your tickets. Give your ticket to the cashier who will stamp it and give you another car park ticket.

A Guide To Puerto Banus Cinema

When you leave, at the machine in the Car Park, put your original car park ticket in and then put the other ticket in the machine where marked (descuento para cine). The first 3 hours will be free.

Location: Right in the Centre of Puerto Banus