A guide to understand Singapore weather

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  • December to early March Sometimes I think that I like the weather between these months. It’s windy, cooling, a mixture of sun and rain. Actually, more rain than sun.You may find cloudy days with frequent afternoon showers in December to January.
    When it’s rain, it can happen from one to three days at a stretch.While some of our neighboring countries have problem with flood during this season, we are again fortunate to live in Singapore which unaffected with those huge amount of water pouring down from the sky.

    Though it’s wet most of the time, you won’t have problem move around places here as most of the pathways are covered or connected through the underground passageway.

    It will normally get drier from February to March.

  • Late March to May We can expect to have drier and slightly hot days now. However the wind will help to bring down the heat. Thunders often come with the afternoon and early evening showers.The normal temperature is between 24 deg C to 31 deg C.

A guide to understand Singapore weather

  • June to September It’s a hazy period! In the past we’ll get lots of haze from Indonesia and Malaysia before the green movement and consensus came on board. It’s a time when the farmers burn all things grew on the ground to clear their land field. It’s less hazy nowadays!Late morning and early afternoon showers with thunder come now and then spread along these few months. We can expect more sun though! You may experience highest temperature at around 34 to 35 deg C.
  • October to November We can still feel a little bit of heat brought forward from the previous months. The rain with thunder will start coming in the late afternoon and early evening.Now, we can feel sea breezes in the afternoon.