A Look at Golf Equipment

One of the barriers that new golfers often face is the acquisition of quality golf clubs at affordable prices. We want to be able to strike the ball with some confidence and broken-down beat-up used golf clubs would make even Tiger Woods seem ordinary.

That’s not to say that you can’t buy good used golf clubs. Many local driving ranges carry a selection of used clubs attained through trade-in deals.

Then there are the new clubs that can be purchased at your local golf retailer. Starter sets can range from under $100 to mid-range quality clubs in the $500 range. And you can also get into the big ticket items that are the tools of the serious golfer, such as Ping, Callaway, Titleist, or Big Bertha.

A personal favorite of mine is TaylorMade. Although they are not the most expensive clubs on the market, they suit my particular swing style and give me the most bang for my buck. They recently introduced a new driver, the Taylor Made R7 Quad, with a combination of 4 insertable weights for shaping different trajectories off the tee.

But at $699 USD, I won’t be looking to buy one anytime in the near future. Us weekend warrior golfers may want the best equipment but usually have to settle for less until either the price comes down or someone comes up with a comparable product at a more affordable price.

A Look at Golf Equipment

The new technologies that are introduced on a regular basis never cease to amaze me. These new technologies are often duplicated at lower cost and introduced to the public much the same as generic foods or prescription drugs. They all have the same end results. Some just cost way less than the name brands.

The undisputed leader in the golf club industry is PineMeadow Golf . Their knock-off of the R7Quad is creating quite a stir among savvy internet shoppers looking for quality and affordability. For about half the price of a mid-range set of clubs you can outfit yourself with good quality woods, irons, putter and golf bag. No need for a second mortgage or selling your first-born to finance good playing instruments.