A multitude of scarf questions and information

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by Nikki M
(Chicago, IL USA)


I know it looks like a lot down there, but it’s only four questions. I wanted to give you all the information you may need to make an informed decision and be as descriptive as possible…I promise I wasn’t trying to write a novel; I’m sorry.

Picture it…1 – 72 ½” W, 1 – 82″ W, and 1- 27″ W window – Length…I’m going to do floor to ceiling (F2C) treatments so 95″ – Window lengths are truly 34 & 40″. The tops of the windows are about 4″ from the ceiling.

I picked a silky shiny like chocolate fabric for the drape (unlined) and white for the sheer (the fabric is tightly woven so it’s kind of heavy).

OH FYI I don’t know how to sew and I have NO IDEA what most window treatment and/or sewing lingo means.

Question #1 – I would like to do a white scarf across the top of all three windows (a traditional hanging I guess with the big swag in the middle and an even amount of fabric on either side of the window). Since the drapery is F2C should the scarf ends also be F2C?
I’ve seen treatments where the scarf is about 6 in from the rod OR to the bottom of the window OR to the floor, I haven’t seen any that show F2C drapery yet the scarf is 8-10” from the floor. Will the scarf be considered too short or will it look stupid if it isn’t F2C also?

Question #2 – To achieve the F2C scarf I want I thought about buying the scarf and matching drapery panel and then just attaching the two of them…Can I do that or will it affect the way it flows/swags?? If I can do that how do I do that, without sewing, or would it have to be sewn?

Question #3 – The scarves I’ve looked at, and really like, are sheer white with a sheer white design. I was thinking about doing two scarves for each window one white w/white design and one chocolate w/white OR chocolate design. Both scarves would have the same print, and the prints I’m considering are, for the most part, very simple and elegant.
If the scarves have a design on them, should I stick to one color? If doing two different colors is ok, what color should hang closest to the drape on either side of the window (the chocolate drape would be the outer one & closest to the scarf)?

Question #4 – If I only use the white design scarf can I do two plain sheer white scarves and one white design one in the middle of them?
I’ve found a sheer plain white F2C scarf, I figured if I do the above configuration (plain, design, plain), it would appear as though the scarves are actually F2C, thereby matching the drapes. Is that too much scarf?

I’m so sorry I’ve rambled on and on and taken up so much of your time. Please know I truly appreciate your time and any advice you may offer. If I were to go into a store and ask these questions my ignorance would end up costing me a fortune, I think you would even see the “SUCKER” sign stamped on my forehead from all the way out there.

Again, thank you for your time & hopefully advice.


Nikki M.
Chicago, IL USA

A multitude of scarf questions and information

Hi Nikki

What a fantastic submission you have put together I love the fact you have taken the time to ask me so much.

I just have a little question, what does F2C mean (sorry for my ignorance) probably obvious once you tell me.

Hope you don’t fall out with me but I can’t answer your question right now. I’m just on my way out the door to go on a camping trip this weekend with the family.

So if you answer my question by posting a comment just lower down on this page. I will give you a full reply on Monday evening. your question deserves more time and thought.

Best regards


Hi Nikki M

I,m back from my trip so lets get to answering your questions.

Question #1 – You can have your swag finish anywhere you like there is no rule on this. Simply hang it and see if you like it. Obviously you can’t make it longer but you can make it shorter.

Simply cut off one end how much you want to lose.Then remake the hem using fusible hemming tape (stuff for hemming trousers and skirts). Fix in place with a hot steam iron.

Question #2 – IF you want your scarf panel to reach the floor on both sides of your window. Then you could attach extra panels but I don’t recommend you do.

If you did you would want to join them so the join is where the fabric falls behind the decorative rod on each side. Just just where the swag ends and the side tails start.

If the scarf panels are not long enough to do the job you want. Then I recommend you go and buy some fabric straight off the roll and get as much as you need to make your scarf swag in one piece.

Rather than tell you how to make your own without sewing.

Question #3 – Again no right or wrong on which color top or bottom. My personal preference would be for the chocolate to be the bottom swag. This way you have a break between the white.

Question #4 – No I don’t think that would be to much because your using sheer fabrics that don’t have a lot of bulk. You could try and drape the fabrics over your rod so that they look like one continuous swag as you suggest.

Really it is going to be Some trial and error. Even after many years of hanging and dressing scarf swags. It still on occasion takes me hours to get them just right. So don’t lose heart if they don’t go just right on the first attempt. Or even the fifth A multitude of scarf questions and information

I know you have fallen in love with these scarf fabrics. But take a look at some others that will do it in one before you make your final decision.

Best regards