A Prong Collar is Safe and Effective for Dog Training

Prong collars also know as pinch collars, are effective for dog training. Don’t let the medieval look of them fool you. At first glance they look like something out of a horror film, or torture chamber. However, prong collars are considered one of the safest dog collars on the market

I first used a prong collar on my Labrador, Brandy. She was having trouble containing her excitement when we were out duck hunting. She would often become so fidgety she would flare the ducks. On the advice of a friend I went out and bought a prong collar for her.

The difference was immediate. One correctional yank and she didn’t fidget or fuss for the duration of the hunt. I have read one reviewer say it is like putting power steering on your dog… I concur.

The concept behind the prong collar is to mimic the nip a mother gives a pup when they misbehave.

Because the pinch collar doesn’t take as much of a correctional yank as is required from other collars there is less of a chance of an injury from too hard a correction.

The design of the prong collar doesn’t allow for any direct pull on the dogs throat area either. This lessens any chance of injury. There have been very few injuries reported by veterinarians as a result of prong collars.

A Prong Collar is Safe and Effective for Dog Training

Fitting the prong collar can be a bit trying at first. They come in small medium and large sizes. Since these are metal collars you will have to adjust the collar to the size of your dog by removing links.

Manufacturers recommend being able to fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar. I prefer more like one and a half finger width so the collar won’t fall too far down the neck.

This is a great collar and makes training much easier. If you can get past the barbaric look of the collar this may be the collar for you and your dog.