A review of the Smarty Imperial 686 Snowboard Jacket

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The Smarty Imperial 686 snowboard jacket is designed with high tech materials and innovative systems that provide superior waterproofing breathability, and durability. These attributes make the Imperial one of the more popular clothes for riders on the slopes.

The Smarty Imperial jacket has 10,000mm of material for waterproofing and 10,000mm for breathability. All seams are fully taped. For a light slick feel snowboarding, the 686 snowboard jacket has used lighter fabric types such as a nylon mesh body with taffeta arms.

A review of the Smarty Imperial 686 Snowboard Jacket

 686 has made the Smarty Imperial jacket with lots of pockets for snowboarders to carry survival gear or portable music equipment. There are chest zippered pockets, CD MD, and IPOD pockets, a stealth goggle pocket with chamoix, and an inner kangaroo mesh pocket. Plus you can use its custom left ticket D-ring and plastic hook compass thermometer keychain to find your way home.