A sand wedding ceremony – Can it get more romantic?

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Arranging a sand wedding ceremony is a perfect choices if the couple have crossing religious preferences or simply wish to keep religion out of the way.

It gives the wedding ceremony a spiritual touch and makes your wedding even more special.

Here are some guidelines on how to prepare an enchanting and romantic sand wedding ceremony.

* You – the lovely couple should make a preparation trip prior to the wedding. Head of to a beach or costal area that has a certain meaning to you (where your grandmother meet your grandfather or where you and your love you stole you first kiss…) or to a place that you both like and wish to remember on your wedding day.

* Don’t make too much out of it– you probably have a lot on your mind in the weeks prior to the sand wedding ceremony. It doesn’t have to take long, make it a day trip if you live close to the beach.

* Bring sand from the area ( stones / sea shells can also make a nice effect if sand is hard to get by)

* The sand wedding ceremony will be perfect on the beach but can also work well in a small church or as part of other alternative wedding ceremonies.

* At the ceremony have a nice see-through glass bottle, jar or vase.Choose one that you both like and that will fit nicely in your living room – remember it will stay with you long into the future.

* Place the item at the centre of the table by the wedding arch (you probably have a wedding ache if you are getting married at the beach) and place two smaller bowls for the bride and groom next to it. A Nice touch is to add special coloured sand into the two bowls to separate his sand from hers….

A sand wedding ceremony   Can it get more romantic?

* Have your wedding vows prepared on a nice old looking paper (you can get them in most book stores – paper stores)

* The groom starts. He reads his first vow and them adds a handful of sand from his bowl to the wedding jar. Then the bride does the same. When the vows are completed the couple takes what is left of the sand and spreads it out over the water.

* Finally the jar filled with sand is sealed of. Before this the parents of the bride and groom or close friends (depending on how you wish to arrange if) say some words about the bride/groom. Hopes and wishes for the couple and their future and add a symbolic stone or sea shell at the top of the jar.

This is a simple basic guide as to how you can prepare such a wedding. A lot more can be done and added to make the sand wedding ceremony even more special and personally.

Only your imagination set the limits!

I would certainly love to be part of a sand wedding ceremony!

Wouldn’t you?