A Senior Workout Your Never Too Old To Lift Weights

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This senior workout can build muscle, which is more important than ever at this stage of life, muscles tend to weaken with age. Once you past the age of 50, your exercise program should be tweaked to meet your body’s new needs. If you’ve been doing the same workout, it’s time to branch out.

If you’re not exercising two or three times a week, start now. Once you hit the age of 40, your lean-muscle tissue acts as a calorie burner, decreasing about a pound a year, if your not active. Weight training for seniors is perhaps the best type of exercise for seniors because it boosts metabolic health, strengths muscles and helps maintain bone mass. Before you workout you should check out weightlifting basics and weightlifting errors to make sure you know everything about weightlifting.

As you age, your body has more potential for injury. Always remember to warm up for 10 minutes, try marching in place or taking a nice quite walk around the block.

Take rest seriously, during any vigorous activity, small tears can occur in your muscles. Also take a day off between your senior workouts, allowing your muscles to repair themselves and become even stronger. The last thing to remember is to always stretch before each senior workout, here’s some basic stretches you might want to look at before you start a senior workout program.

A Senior Workout Your Never Too Old To Lift Weights

What health benefits can you expect from working out?

  • - Reduces risk of diabetes.
  • - Reduces risk of high blood pressure.
  • - Reduces risk of coronary heart disease.
  • - Builds and recovers lost muscle mass and strength.
  • - Decreases lower back pain by strengthening back muscles.
  • - Reduces body fat.
  • - Increases metabolism.
  • - Relieves pain of arthritis by promoting greater mobility.
  • - Prevents osteoporosis by improving bone density.

I have found research that states, when you eat, can be as important as what you eat. Many people still skip breakfast, then eat two larger meals a day. Eating a lot and infrequently boosts insulin production which increases fat storage. To keep insulin levels low and your metabolism kicking, you need to eat six small meals throughout the day. Each meal should consist of 50 percent complex carbohydrates, 20 percent protein, and 30 percent fat. You will notice the effects quickly after eating right with this senior workout.

Here’s a list of vitamins that should be taken everyday.


Vitamin D has shown to improve bone mineral density, it also helps you absorb calcium more efficiently.


If you take calcium alone it could actually lead to bone loss, because just taking calcium can lead to magnesium deficiency. So a daily dose of 1000 mg of calcium 400 mg of magnesium will do the trick.


Taking these two time tested vitamins an hour before working out can prevent that stiff, achy feeling that sets in 48 hours after a tough workout.

If you don’t want to take all these separate pills, you can usually find a good multi-vitamin that contains all of the vitamins explained above in one pill.

A senior workout can help you loose weight, just lifting weights alone doesn’t burn many calories but it can speed up your metabolism. In conclusion, our body’s are very important,especially as we get older, so start putting your muscles to action.