A simple Banishing Ritual

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This is a simple banishing spell to end the unwanted attentions from another, or to assist with ending a bad habit that you would rather leave far behind you.
Be very sure before completing this ritual as once done, it cannot be undone.

You Will Need

  • 2 Pieces of blank unused paper
  • Red Candle
  • Inscriber
  • Pen
  • Candle holder
  • Cauldron or fire proof bowlA simple Banishing Ritual

    While meditating, within your sacred space simply inscribe the name of the person or habit on the side of the candle, along with any applicable symbols such as a pentagram or six pointed Star of David. Be sure to research any symbols you decide to use, as generally there is a different and specific way of drawing it depending on if you are repelling or attracting.

    Write the name on the paper, along with specific details. An example would be “persons name/habit/fear begone, leave me in peace, trouble me no more”.

    You must remember the Rule of Three in this instance, which states that whatever you put out into the universe you shall receive back three fold. Be absolutely sure that you are not wishing any ill luck or harm as you complete this ritual.

    Light the candle. Now light the paper from the flame of the candle, and allow it to burn completely in the cauldron. Once it is completely burned, draw yourself as you would choose to be on another piece of paper, and place it under the candle holder. Allow the candle to burn down completely.