A Simple Spell to Attract Money

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To successfully attract money with candle magic, something that should not be overlooked is properly preparing the candles. Think of it as programming them to perform a specific task. To do so use specific oils and application techniques. It is important to note that everything you do from the time that you first touch the candle empowers it with energies, whether positive or negative energies, is totally dependent upon your state of mind and level of intent.

Generally one would begin by dressing, or anointing, the candle. You can also inscribe the side of the candle with petitioners’ name and/or symbols.

To prepare the oil, pour 1/8 cup of olive oil in a small saucepan, and turn heat onto min. Add 20-40 drops of the essential oil of your choice. To attract something, stir clockwise. To repel, counter clockwise. Gently warm the oil.

Be careful to properly research the magical properties of the essential oil to ensure that it aligns with the spells intent. One could also use kitchen herbs, although the same rule of thumb would apply. Always be certain of the properties before incorporating any element into a spell. Strain oil well if you’ve used herbs. Left over oil can be stored in a dark glass bottle for future use. (must be kept in a cool dark place)

A Simple Spell to Attract Money

When the oil is cooled enough to be used, place some in the palm of your left hand, and while meditating and concentrating on your need – preferably before your altar – rub the oil onto the candle beginning at the top, stroking down (to attract).As you stroke the oil onto the candle, feel your will solidifying. As your speed and intent increases, so shall the power of the spell. When flame touches wick, the energies raised will be released to reinforce your will.

You Will Need


Incense and censer

5 green candles

1 red candle

1 gold candle

1 petitioner candle to represent person(refer to Persons astral color)

Altar Arrangement

Place altar candles on top left and top right corners of altar, with the Figure (or statue) between them in the center. Just below the figure, place Censer. Down the left hand side of the altar, place the Gold candle with the Petitioner candle just below it. The 5 green candles should be arranged in an arrow pointing at the Petitioner candle. (Leave about 6-8 inches between) The red candle is placed behind the green ‘arrow’.

The symbolism of this arrangement is as follows:

  • The Petitioner candle represents the Person in need of Magical aid
  • The Green candles represent Money
  • The Gold candle represents Attraction
  • The Red candle represents the driving force behind your Will

When you begin this spell, enter your sacred space as you usually do. Sit comfortably and clear your mind. The important thing is to focus your intent, and mindfully raise your vibrations. Light the incense. Some believe that the smoke of the incense will deliver your request to exactly where it needs to go. The more clearly you can state your request in your mind, the more effective this spell will be. You must reach a state where your need resonates through you, into your aura and on into the Universe like the sound of a bell ringing. Some people keep a bell on their altar for precisely this reason.

When you are ready to begin, light the Petitioner candle while visualizing the petitioner. Hold the image of the person in your mind as if you are looking at them in front of you. See every detail. Sense his or her presence. Smell their scent. (The petitioner, of course, can be yourself). When you set the flame to wick, say clearly and confidently:

“this candle represents …(name)… as it burns so burns his/her spirit”

Light the gold candle while visualizing “Attraction”

“This candle represents Attraction. It works with and for …(name)…”

Light the Greens, while visualizing “Money”

“These candles represent the Money which (petitioners name) desires. It is as much as is required. No more and no less.”

Light the Red candle, thinking of desired outcome being fulfilled

“This candle represents the Power, and Command to drive the money to (petitioners name)”

Pause and reflect. Be aware of your energies, be aware of your Intent. Be aware of the spell working. Be aware of being heard and witnessed.
Then say: “As money is necessary to the fulfillment of our needs, so must we ever strive to obtain it. All should be earned or not received at all. The need of …(petitioners name)… at present is intense. Draw, then, money to him. Let him find all that he shall need. Supply, now, to meet his urgent want. For it is said the Gods will provide when surely is there a need. Now is that need. Let all work well for him. Let him have sufficient. Let him no longer have want.”

Visualize the preferred end result of having received the requested money. Feel the gratitude and wonder. SEE it in their possession.

“This money now is his…(petitioners name)… holds it and has it, and now it fills his need. He has received it safely and is grateful and glad. Praise be the Gods and Goddesses for their goodness. Ever is it thus. Now all is well”
Sit quietly for 5 minutes allowing the candles and incense to burn. At the end of this time, extinguish the flames. The ritual should be repeated the following day, after having moved the green candles 2 inches closer to the petitioners candle. Repeat ritual daily until green candles and petitioners candle are touching.

** This ritual will bring money when it is sorely needed, not just for the sake of having money.