A Spanish State School For Your Child

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Why enroll the kids in a Spanish state school?

Some parents believe that as their children are already having a significant life changing experience by now living in Spain then they may as well go the whole hog… whether they speak Spanish or not.

There is a lot to be said for enrolling in state schools as the kids learn Spanish in record time and quickly become part of the local community.

The other big plus is that these schools are free(although there is usually a charge for school textbooks and extra curricular activities).

Infant school starts around five years and primary school is from six years to sixteen years.

When the youngster reaches this age then his school leaving certificate results will determine whether the student goes on to study ´bachillerato` and university, or will take a less demanding vocational course, whichever best prepares each individual young person for their working life.

A Spanish State School For Your Child

In this area of Spain the state schools are governed by the Junta de Andalucia (a sort of Andalucia County Council) so, your first step is to go to your local Town Hall (Ayuntamiento).

Once there search out the office of ´empadronamiento`. A long word which simply means to register yourself and your family with the Town Hall.

Registering is free and is necessary if you’re going to enroll your children in a state school.

By the way you need not be a resident to register. The process is made very simple as it is in the Town Halls best interest to have as many people registered as possible. The more people registered the more funds they receive from the Andalucian Government.

The Town Hall will have a list of schools in your area. They will ask to see your passport, your child’s passport (or birth certificate) plus vaccination certificates, proof of residence and also the child’s school record.

You’ll get a certificate confirming all the information you were asked to supply and armed with this certificate you’ll make an appointment with the head teacher of the school of your choice in order to enroll. You won’t necessarily always get a place the next day in your first choice of school but you will usually get a place somewhere in your area.

School hours vary from school to school but it’s generally from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Most schools provide a bus service for children who need to travel a distance and many provide after-school supervision for children whose mothers are working.

All in all, apart from the language, a Spanish state school is not much different to schools in the U.K.