A Speed Reader True Story

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A Will to Learn

His office is relaxing and functional. The walls are covered with Ansel Adams prints, the receptionist is friendly, and the windows large.

Arnold is a lawyer and this is his office in Tampa, FL. As I sat down with him to create a living will I found that he is a speed reader.

He tells me he learned to read in second grade. It wasn’t that he wasn’t taught to read earlier, it was that he read using “symbol recognition.” He makes shapes out of whole words. However, his first grade teacher insisted he learn to read using phonicsonly.

A Speed Reader True Story

 Eventually, in second grade Arnold found a teacher that understood how he read and helped him incorporate both methods. To Arnold’s delight, from then on he soared academically and in college took a speed reading course.

I asked him if he found it useful in his profession. He began to explain how he formats wills and other documents to facilitate not only reading but comprehension using the concepts he learned in speed reading classes.

No written line in my will exceeds 72 characters to allow me to read the line with ease. Any more characters and the eye has difficulty moving to the next line easily.

I asked him, what was the latest book he read using his speed reading techniques, he said, “The DaVinci Code.”

Arnold is a great lawyer and fascinating individual. If you have the pleasure of meeting him, you will never forget his thoroughness, love of words or his bright bow tie.