A super effective football practice drill

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This football practice drill pits a lone defender against a lone blocker. The object of the drill is quite simple, yet the lessons learned go far beyond this drills simplicity.

As the defender, you have to break past the blocker. As the blocker, your objective is to prevent the lone defender from moving past you as you block him “out of bounds”.

Blocking the defender out of bounds is the equivalent of moving your opponent outside of his direct lane to the Quarterback. Having done that, you have given the Quarterback more time in which to execute the play and you have won the battle in the trenches.

If successful in your attempt to rush past the blocker, you have essentially secured your direct path to the Quarterback, putting yourself in a good position to either register a sack or disrupt the pass attempt.

To set up this football practice drill, position four cones in a square formation with each corner being 10 yards apart. With the “line of scrimmage” being in the center of the square, the defender and the blocker should set up in their set crouch position.

A super effective football practice drill

On the coach’s whistle the two players engage. If the blocker is able to push the defender outside of either the sides or the back end of the box, he is the victor. If the defender is able to push past the blocker through the end of the box behind the blocker, he is the victor.

To work on a player’s weaker side, the coach can stand behind the blocker outside of the box and point in the direction that he?d like to see the defender rush. This football practice drill is also good for when a coach wants to work with the players on their blocking and rushing techniques in an attempt to minimize penalty calls.