A Tropical Island Tax Haven For Your Caribbean Beach Vacation

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So many Caribbean islands can offer you a vacation in a safe tax haven. The best beaches, palm trees, sailing, your own tropical home and business, even a second passport or citizenship…

It’s worth looking into. Thousands are doing it worldwide…relocating to more lucrative shores that allow them to retain and enjoy their wealth.

And the Caribbean welcomes and beckons you to come ashore to your choice of tax haven.

So which will it be? Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Nevis…

Yet many of us tend to associate this asset protection tool with unscrupulous and questionable illegal dealings.

And you find that over the years, in industrialized nations, government tax collecting agencies and the media have done an excellent job of fueling this misconception.

From my own research, I have found that…


In fact tax avoidance is legal whereas tax evasion is illegal. With avoidance, you seek to legally reduce your taxes.

A safe haven is a legal facility for the restructuring of your earnings and reduction of tax liabilities.

Industrialized governments collect revenues through varying tax imposition strategies. And when you and I can legally reduce our taxes, the government is the loser.

A Tropical Island Tax Haven For Your Caribbean Beach Vacation

So don’t let the “taxman” continue to deceive you into believing that a tax haven is an exclusive avenue for tax evasion measures!

You need to know that…

A TAX HAVEN is a foreign country or dependency with significantly low tax rates or no taxes at all on earned income. Does not tax income that a foreign individual generates. And is very financially friendly to expatriates and retirees. Adheres to strict bank secrecy and privacy laws. May even implement prison sentences on individuals for revealing private financial data.

Wealthy-minded people place their earnings offshore for protective financial purposes and to avoid paying taxes on gains.

And expatriation to the Caribbean and other locations has become a strategic means to achieve this and secure a very high standard of living in a new domiciled country.


It allows you through establishing your own offshore company to keep a substantial more of what you earn.

Your earnings therefore cannot be subject to foreign taxation. And your banking is now free of overly restrictive regulations.

What’s more…

Your business transactions have guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. So a credit or income investigating agent whether private or government cannot pry into profits or earnings accrued from your business.

So you are shielded from government investigations and lawsuits of any kind.

And this gives you greater peace of mind. You don’t feel robbed or cheated and you earn more…

Even of the Caribbean sun, sea and sand!

So people who are executives, managers, solid income earners, pending retirees, small business owners…

Take control of your money and move it into a Caribbean offshore jurisdiction.

And remember you will need expert counseling to assist you with this. And that certainly is not me.

I only know that the best beaches and the best vacation of your lifetime await you in a Caribbean tax haven.