About Baby Games

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I remember when my kids were babies. The games we used to play. Our all time favourite was peek-a-boo.

We’d take a soft face towel an put on baby’s head. He’d pull off the towel to see us and we’d go peekaboo.

We’d hide our faces behind our hands. He’ll pull our hands away and we’d go peekaboo.

In fact, peekaboo was one of the ways baby learnt to read. We got books where he’d lift the flap to see what’s behind it. We had lots of fun reading those books together.

As he got older, he could read by himself. In school, he learnt to write. By 5 or 6 years old, he was writing stories on his own. I’d staple paper together to form a book and he’d fill it up with his drawings and his stories.

About Baby Games

One of his first stories was a peekaboo story with flaps.

Now that they are rather big, I kind of miss having a baby to play with.