About Channeling…The feminine energies so long absent or obscured are returning

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Channeling is essentially… the ability to commune with Spirit while articulating to others the information that Spirit is communicating back to you.

There was a time in our history, when a “shaman” or “elder” or “holy person” could speak their mind at any time on any subject and expect to be heard and respected. Their people knew that they communed with Spirit and it was their job to communicate that information back to the people.

These intuitive abilities, and the faith required to use them, have been greatly diminished in most cultures. They require strong feminine energies, goddess energies, to be accessible. Over the years, that which is feminine has receded from the cultural mainstream.

  About Channeling...The feminine energies so long absent or obscured are returning
In loosing touch with those powerful feminine energies, our culture had no choice but to rely on the intellect to serve rather than intuition. Now, our society depends on “credentials” to determine the validity of information.

If you want information on spiritual matters, you find a theologian. If you want to know about the human mind, you ask a psychologist. These are all credentialed people who have evidence that they should know something.

No matter how cool or insightful the information you “know” might be – you will most likely be ignored, certainly not published, without some type of credentials to back you.

Common sense dictates that having the Ph.D. in Psychology does not mean you have any really good ideas. It does not guarantee that you really want to help anyone or that you can come up with anything ingenious. Depending on the school, how hard you did or did not work, and who your parents knew; it doesn’t necessarily carry particularly high standards of knowledge either.

But what about the housewife from Detroit who is raising three kids and got a GED just last year? She does want to help and has an incredible insight on the workings of the human mind. Her ideas, despite their insight and power… will be ignored because she doesn’t have any credentials.

Unless… she happens to be channeling Mother Mary. If she has the charisma and the information that people want… then she will be able to gather about her people who will listen – not to the housewife – but to Mother Mary.

Plenty of people will call this irrational nonsense. They will belittle her, the information she has, and the people who listen to her. They will say she doesn’t have any credentials.

For every ebb, there comes a tide…

The feminine energies so long absent or obscured are returning.

With this influx of powerful feminine energy, a marked return of use and faith in intuitive ways of knowing will become more acceptable. Humanity has the potential to come to balance – using both intellect and intuition to divulge the validity and usefulness of information.

Discernment can become soul-oriented, using both heart and mind.

As we work toward balance, we create the potential for a future when the housewife and the psychologist can both be honored for their work.

We approach a time when people will be able to place faith in the innate wisdom of their own soul and will no longer need an outside authority to determine the validity or accuracy of a source.

Hold all things before the bright light of your own soul
and choose that which shines brightly back to you.