About Church Speakers

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Church speakers are perfect for sensitive buildings such as churches and other heritage sites where stone columns aesthetically dictate the need for discrete panel loudspeakers.

This specially designed panel is coated with a flecked textured paint both on the panel surface and on the frame, to form a highly discrete, stone effect monolith-looking structure.

Colours can be varied to obtain a close match to the background stone colour. In acoustically reverberant spaces such as churches, this technology works better than ever to create a highly diffuse and highly intelligible sound field across a very wide space.

About Church Speakers

In all such installations to date, it has not been necessary to install complex delay line mechanisms, providing further cost savings to a system.
One panel will be sufficient to create an even sound level in a space approximately 8m x 5m.
Add one additional panel for each additional 40m2 area coverage required. Space the panels as evenly across the space as possible.


  • Hidden anti theft fixings
  • Wide dispersion
  • Flecked textured finish


  • Discourages theft
  • Wide area coverage
  • Blends with stone background