About the Astrale e Terra Winery

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Paul Johnson founded Astrale e Terra Winery in 1997. Being a retired Air Force Pilot, he knows what it is like to take chances. When he drove up a small road on Atlas Peak, he knew that starting a winery was a chance that he wanted to take. Located over 1200 feet above the valley floor, Astrale e Terra makes a small amount of high-quality wine.

The soil that makes up Atlas Peak is volcanic and well-drained. Vineayards are stressed and produce very intensely flavored grapes.

Because the vineyard is located high above the valley floor, it is not subject to the same fog and temperature fluctuations that are more common in these lower areas. This longer days and more hang time for the grape clusters.

About the Astrale e Terra Winery

Winemaker Bill Ballentine grew up on vineyards in the Napa Valley and was literally born into the wine profession. Bill has realized a lifelong goal by working for this premium producer. Astrale e Terra also has an experienced vineyard management team.