About the baby shower cards

There is nothing quite like a good baby shower party. They can be so much fun, you meet new friends, enjoy nice food, enjoy the party ‘theme’, play silly games, and hopefully laugh like you haven’t done in a long time! As long as the party is organised well with a fun theme running through, all should go well. But what really makes a baby shower, is a special game played at baby shower party’s.

Baby shower cards are an ideal solution. You can print these game cards directly from your printer. You can have them in 10 minutes. These baby shower printable games come as individual games, or in themes, they include Name Meaning, Noah’s Ark, Baby Bingo and much much more.

In addition to baby shower cards, here are some fun games played at baby shower party’s to get the party in a swing.

‘Pin the Diaper on the Baby’ – this is a variation of the Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You could also have ‘Pin the Bottle on the Baby’.

Another great game played at baby shower is the ‘Mother-to-be-Waist-Game’. Simply pass around a ball of string and scissors. The person who cuts off the piece of string that near fits the new expectant mother wins a prize. The mother-to-be can also proudly show off her bump!

About the baby shower cards

Another great game is the ‘Cotton Ball Nose Game’. Pass a jar of Vaseline around and ask everyone to put some on the end of their nose. The objective of the game is to get as many cotton balls from a big bowl to the floor in 60 seconds only using the Vaseline covered nose. The attendee with the most balls on the floor wins (balls on the nose do not count).