About The Barbi Digital Camera

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The Barbi Digital camera is a popular idea! Many little girls are excited about Barbi and taking pictures so the combination sounds like a great idea.

The Barbi Digital Camera is pink and compact. It is designed for kids over 5. It is not designed to be tough.

Camera Features:

VGA Model Resolution 640 x 480 and holds 26 pictures.

QVGA Model Resolution 320 x 240 and holds 107 pictures.

These resolutions may not be what you are looking for.

If you have the 640 x 480 you will be lucky to get 3 x 5 or 4 x 6’s. With lower resolution they will most likely not be printable at all. In fact they will probably be grainy even as you view them on the small camera viewer.

Camera Memory is 8 MB

This camera is does come with a fun program. Your girls can play with their pics. And create borders.

About The Barbi Digital Camera

Sometimes this software has gliches.

Price: About $35

No Flash If you plan to take any pictures indoors or even in somewhat dim light this camera will not work.

Self Timer this camera does have a self timer which could be fun for your daughter and her friends.

Also there are only two buttons that you have to toggle between for the controls.

The Barbi Digital Camera, like most kid cameras is more of a toy than a great digital camera.

Also kids who are old enough to use this camera will be disappointed when they are not able to print their pictures.

Overall I would not recommend this camera. It has poor resolution. It is not durable. There is no flash (a must in even a toy camera). And while sometimes this camera and the software work fine I have heard many complaints!

You would be better off getting a disposable camera than this one.

If you daughter is young enough to not care about the quality of pictures from the barbi digital camera. She is probably not old enough to handle a camera this small and fragile.