About the California Nebbiolo

California Nebbiolo is quite sparsely planted. Though it has not yet reached the pinnacle that it has in Piedmont, there are some good bottlings in the Golden State.

There was a considerable amount of Nebbiolo planted in California before Prohibition. Unfortunately most of this acreage was planted with poor clones in unsuitable locations. Very little of these original vines remain today.

Recently, several producers have acquired good clones, but site selection is still difficult. Bien Nacido Vineyard in Santa Barbara is planted with a bit of Nebbiolo that does quite well.

Not only is Nebbiolo a problematic grape to grow outside of Piedmont, but it also poses many challenges during vinification. Flavors and aromas are often tough to get right. But when accomplished successfully, it makes full-bodied and tannic wines with a deep color.

About the California Nebbiolo

Cosentino Winery

Cosentino Winery produces a small amount of Nebbiolo each year. As far as I know, it is only available in the tasting room and sells out quickly.

Montevina Winery

Located in the Sierra Foothills, Montevina Winery makes a rare rose Nebbiolo. They also make a red blend of Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and Barbera.

Stonehealth Winery

Located in the surrounding hills of the Sonoma Valley AVA, Stonehealth Winery produces a couple hundred cases of Nebbiolo each year. Winmaker Mark Pollock ages this wine in light oak for 24 months before bottling. He also makes small amounts of Barbera and the rare white varietal Fiano.