About The Celtic Engagement Rings

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Not much is known about the history of Celtic engagement rings or indeed about the Celts themselves. They never built huge elaborate cities and societies, they never founded an empire and they never had a written language of their own.

They didn’t leave much in the way of documentary evidence or historical reference with which later societies could use to understand and study them by.

What the Celts did leave us plenty of are amazing works of art in the form of carvings and drawings that utilized a lot of symbolic patterns such as spirals and triskele amongst many others.

The Celtic symbolism were translated a little differently by each ancient tribe, and therefore quite what each means in today’s terms is ambiguous to the point of theory. Educated guesses can be made by comparing these symbols to those of more documented civilizations.

Quite how this relates to Celtic engagement rings isn’t understood. Did the Celts even have an engagement ring tradition? It’s pretty well understood that the Celts mostly separated marriage from religion so where do we get the modern idea of Celtic engagement rings?

When we talk about Celtic rings today we are in fact referring to intricate carving of the engagement ring band. Celtic wedding rings have become popular and this has led to an equal demand for Celtic engagement rings.

About The Celtic Engagement Rings

Carved knot-work is almost always the theme for Celtic ring designs and it’s the symbolism of intertwined knots (The relationship between to people) and the ring (a never ending circle) that really makes the idea of Celtic wedding rings desirable in modern societies today.

We’re not all content with a plain (but elegant) tiffany solitaire setting for the diamond. Sometimes we want more elaborate or more meaningful engagement rings, and this is where Celtic symbolic knot-work offers much appeal.

Even so, finding diamond solitaire Celtic rings can be very very difficult and it’s recommended that you find a competent jeweler able to hand engrave a custom made setting for you.

Alternatively, a Celtic wedding band is still a viable proposition as an engagement ring, there’s no rule that says the opposite right? About The Celtic Engagement Rings