About the field hockey equipment

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Proper Equipment Enhances Performance.

Proper Field Hockey equipment is necessary at all times. It increases and enhances the performance of players and increases their speed and agility.

The equipment for the goalkeepers has been especially laid down. This is to prevent the goalkeeper from any possible injury occurring. Though injuries occur, the proper equipment helps to avert some potential dangerous accidents on the field.

FIH Sets Rules On Proper Field Hockey Equipment.

The International Field Hockey Federation lays down the standard procedures, rules, regulations and the guidelines for proper Field Hockey equipment and its maintenance for its players.

The currently updated rules are valid from Jan 2007 through 31st December 2008. It explains all the rules of field hockey. They are as follows:

The Field Hockey Stick.

The game of field hockey is played with a stick known as the field hockey stick. Traditionally, the field hockey stick was made out of wood. But now, various other materials are used in the manufacturing of the field hockey sticks such as fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber composites. Metal is no longer used in the manufacture of field hockey sticks.

About the field hockey equipment

The field hockey stick is about 3 feet or 90 cm long and has a round flattened bottom with a hook at the bottom. The stick used to have a slight curve called the rake from the top to the bottom on the front side and another on the heel side. The slight curve helped in hitting the ball and made the strikes more easy and precise.

Increasing Depth of Rake Has Its Advantages.

Recently it was found that when the depth of the traditional rake was increased, the ball speeds became faster and hitting became more precise. Since speeds could become faster by using a drag flick, the earlier limit of 50mm was decreased to 25 mm from the year 2006. This rule is currently valid in the rules drawn out by FIH.

The Field Hockey Ball.

The field hockey ball is normally made of plastic (sometimes the plastic covers over a cork inner core). It has to have indentations to resist it from flying over water based astro surfaces. It needs to weigh between 156-163 grams. It can be colored and must contrast with the playing surfaces

Players’ Field Hockey Equipment Attire.

As part of the field hockey equipment attire, all players are required to wear mouth guards.

Before new rules were implemented, players could wear white mouth guards. But they’re required to wear colored guards so that the umpires can ascertain whether they are wearing the mouth guards or not. The players may also wear shin guards.

Goalkeepers attire.

The goalkeeper’s Field Hockey equipment has been specifically mentioned in the rulebook.

They are required to wear hand protectors or hand gloves which need to be 228 mm long and 335 mm wide maximum. The goalkeeper can use a special stick with a larger curve or he can use a standard stick according to his own will.

Field Hockey equipment leg guards worn by the goalkeeper are 300 mm wide on each leg. They are also required to wear helmets, neck protectors and groin protectors.

Padded shorts are required for the thigh region. Some of the goalies may even wear goggles to protect their eyes.

Since field hockey is a fast paced game, where accidents can become life threatening, proper field goal equipment must be worn at all times.