About the free software industry

One free software download can save you hundreds of dollars in software expense. The high price of computer software is often a discouraging hindrance to increased productivity. So in order to increase your productivity and acquire additional computing skills you may want to access free software download (s) (including open source) or at least free trial software.

Maybe you’ve paid upgrade fees for software that came with your computer as shareware or functionally crippled or time limited free trials only to find out later that it caused more problems than it solved. I have. I’m going to guide you to some free software download sources. That’s not to say free software can’t cause problems but there’s some really good free software available.

I use some proprietary software, shareware, open source, and just plain free software in my daily computing. Shareware has enabled some very talented software programmers to fund their projects while at the same time allowing computer users access to some “as good as or better than regular commercial” software through free software Downloads.

About the free software industry

Another alternative to mainline commercial software is open source software, licensed to be freely used, studied, and modified by anyone and freely redistributed in original or modified form. Since the source code is made openly availabe online, thousands of computer users from all over the world frequently modify and improve the code. The modifications are then submitted for review, approval and testing before being released in BETA for real life testing after which comes a “stable release”. The end result is a quality, stable product, freely distributed.

And then there’s Freeware…free software that’s just plain free to download and use. Some free download directory links are listed at the bottom of this page.

Here are some Open Source Software sources