About The History Of Holidays

Throughout the year, we celebrate many different holidays.  Some allow us to spend time with friends and family, some bring the fun tradition of giving and receiving gifts, some are a great way to get closer to someone you love, while others are celebrated with food, excitement, and parties.

Whatever the holiday, and however you celebrate it, have you ever wondered just how it and its traditions might have come about?  Or, have you even wondered how holidays, themselves, came into existence?

The word itself actually has different meanings in different countries.  Holiday, which is based on a combination of holy and day, was originally used to represent those special days that are religious in nature.  However, throughout the years, it has evolved to mean both a special day and also a vacation.

In English-speaking areas, a holiday is actually a day that is set aside by either a culture(s) or a nation(s) to commemorate and/or observe a special day.  On these days, not only will people celebrate, but also, most often, various places, such as offices, schools, and banks, are closed.

Many of the holidays that we know and love today, and also their traditions, have been for quite a long time.  For instance, Mother’s Day has actually been celebrated in one form or another since the times of ancient Greece.  Bet you didn’t think it has been around that long!  It started as a day used to celebrate the coming of spring, and evolved into a day used to celebrate mothers and/or maternal figures.  But, you can learn more via our Mother’s Day history page.

About The History Of Holidays

In order to fully understand a holiday, you should know a little about how the tradition of celebrating each came about.

During the year there are many holidays that are considered to be secular and/or religious.  Some have come about because someone has created them, such as Father’s Day, which was created by a daughter looking for a way to show her father how much she cared.

While others, such as Christmas, are created from religious history.  In their history pages, both of these holidays and their traditions are explained in detail.

Those holidays that were created through religious practices and beliefs are not limited to only a few faiths.  Instead, each has their own holidays, such as Christians, those of Jewish faith, Hindus, those who study Islam, etc.  In fact, in some cases religion isn’t necessarily a factor.