About The Muay Thai Trunks

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Muay thai trunks. If you are going to train muay thai or thai boxing, you need a thai boxing short. If you are thai boxing you kick a lot, then it’s nice to move free. Muay thai trunks are short (above the knee) and wide, so you can kick and move easily.

A thai boxing short is not the same as a normal boxing short. The difference is that a boxing short is long over the knee and a thai boxing short is short above the knee. Also traditional boxing shorts have an upstanding frame around the middle of the body. Boxers put a kidney protector under this frame to protect the stomach area from punches.

In the traditional muay thai, people could wear every short that make them feel comfortable. But trough the period of time the muay thai shorts changed a lot. Nowadays there are thousands different shorts, they vary from different colors to the greatest models you can imagine. In this time there is a trend who has the most original and unique thai boxing short. Almost all professional fighters but also amateurs let design their short by a designer. Many muay thai gyms have their own muay thai trunks with their logo on it.

About The Muay Thai TrunksAbout The Muay Thai Trunks

How can I buy a good quality thai boxing short..? There are a lot of good manufactures, like twins and windy. There are also a lot of other manufactures which produce thai boxing shorts with less quality.