About The Nike Soccer Balls

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Nike Soccer balls have become one of the most famous brands of soccer balls on the planet. This is primarily due to the exposure of the use in the English Premier League, probably the best known league in the world.

The emergence of the Nike Total 90 Aerow football through the use in the Premier league, Spain’s La liga and the UEFA cup competition has been phenomenal.

If you watch any of this football you can see how the ball flies effortlessly through the air. The marking on the ball are now designed to allow players to easily determine and anticipate the flight of the ball.

This is primarily done by NIKE’s clever asymmetrical pattern that is printed onto the balls surface. The structure of the ball itself is made up of six unique layers in the casing which makes the current NIKe footballs the most accurate, the quickest and consistent in terms of flight ever made.

Now for the technical part: The new Nike balls are designed round what Nike call Geo balanced technology. This means an extremely responsive and durable layer of foam called Zote has been combined with a double layer of vulcanized latex rubber inside the casing of the football. This creates a trampoline effect when the ball is hit, sending the football off the boot at much faster at impact than other match footballs in this class.

As case in point of this is Manchester United’s Ronaldo’s free kick which incredibly flew off his boot and dipped amazingly and at great speed into the back of the net in a recent Premier league match.

This is not to say the average player on a Sunday morning will be able to swerve free kicks at speed into the top corner on a regular basis.

About The Nike Soccer Balls

If you are like the majority of the team at Top-Soccer-Kit then chances are you would hit the net once out of every ten shots but when you get it right the ball goes at tremendous pace into the back of the net.

In a recent interview David Seaman admitted that the new developments in modern match balls are making life very difficult for goal keepers. The movement that the player can now get on these balls makes it increasingly difficult for keepers to catch crosses. This is verified by the reluctance of keepers to catch crosses and the now most favourable method of defence “the punch”.

From our point of view if technology is going to make the game more exciting and result in more goals being scored then we will have as much new technology as the sports manufacturers want to throw at us.

The latest Nike Aerow Total 90 ball to hit the top leagues is the hi Vis version which comes in yellow and purple which is commonly seem if you watch any English Premiership match. Again on of the best places to pick up these balls is at Prodirectsoccer.com.

These balls are top quality and you will have to part with around £60 per ball which has come down in price from the £70-£80 previously.

Another cheaper option is the red version of this ball that was used in the Premier league a few years ago. These are still manufactured and are available at a more a reasonable £30 each.