About The Perfect Club Ad

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I must confess that initially, my reaction to the perfect club infomercial on The Golf Channel was disbelief. Who could possibly believe that someone had developed the perfect club? How could there be such a thing? Golf is full of variables which is why you have such a choice of weapons.

But the more I watched, the more I was drawn in to the concept. I’ve been playing the game for about 15 years or so and had yet to label any club as perfect. And I have tried many different clubs. Yet here I was listening to how this one club could do everything but putt. What were some of the features that made the perfect club a ‘perfect club?’

• Shaft length of 39 inches is shorter than any fairway woods, most utility clubs and many long irons.

• Face is lofted 21 degrees – more than most 5-woods and 7-woods.

• Low center of gravity makes clubhead easy to feel throughout swing, and helps get the ball airborne.

• A slightly offset head helps many recreational players in their battles with the slice.

• The rounded sole, with raised “V”, helps it glide through grass and avoid digging into sand or turf.

• Comes in right and left, men’s and womens, steel or graphite shafted models.

• Men’s model features Lamkin grip, women’s model a Winn grip.

About The Perfect Club Ad

I couldn’t take my eyes off the t.v. screen. These guys had their marketing spiel perfected. And the shots the demon- strators were hitting appeared to be from difficult situations.

One out of twigs and dirt over a water hazard to the green. Another out of a fairway trap, laid up in front of the dance floor. A chip shot from the fringe to within inches of the cup.

Impressive! But I wondered how the average golfer would fare. As though they read my mind, players in the midst of a round were approached and asked to try The Perfect Club.

All who did were impressed with the shots they made and the ease with which it could be used. All good so far. But surely the price would be astronomical. Or it wouldn’t be available outside the U.S.

Every reason I could think of to ignore the ad was proven wrong. There was only one thing left to do. I had to get that club and try it out. They had done their job and I eagerly whipped out my credit card and got on the phone.

About 6 days later, UPS showed up at my door with the parcel. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I had recently purchased a new set of clubs and was getting a feel for them at the local golf dome. The Perfect Club went in my bag and off I went.

I hit about a dozen balls with my new driver and a couple of the irons. Then I pulled it out. I thought to myself : ‘This thing will be no different than any other golf club and I’ll have to send it back for a refund.’

The first thing I noticed was the grip. It was almost as smooth as skin. It has a slightly sticky texture to it as well. The club is also roughly the length of a 5 iron so I was able to address the ball a little closer than you could with a fairway wood.

I teed one up and let it fly. I stood staring in disbelief as the ball went exactly to where I was aiming and with incredible power. Probably a lucky shot, I guessed. But one after the other, every shot as good as the previous one.

Euphoric would be the best way to describe what I was feeling. I know that I’ll be able to use this club to shave some serious strokes off my score this year. I can see exactly where the Perfect Club will be best used. Tight fairways, out of the rough, maybe from a bad lie in a bunker. I’m in the 80′s on a good day but I can seriously see myself breaking 80 this season with the perfect club in my bag.

So if you’ve seen the ad and just can’t bring yourself to believe it, order the club and discover for yourself why I’m so excited about it. Or better yet, don’t order the club and should we get paired up on the golf course some day, I’ll clobber you with my secret weapon :>)

Find out more: ThePerfectClub.com