About the poems that empower

Experience the muscle of the power-poems that empower you to greatness. But before you do let me just say to you cudos for sticking with me through this process. You are going to make it! If you’ve just picked up at this point no problem review and get on board. My writings as I will share them with you will be in the form of motivational poem with a positive message or inspirational post cards with an inspirational quote. If you haven’t already realized, God is my headship so I make reference to Him often. Having said that let us not focus on the messenger as opposed to the message.

When God placed this on my heart I had other plans about what I wanted to do. Though I knew that my gift had been a blessing to those in close relationship with me I couldn’t see how I would be a blessing to others globally which with I had no relations at all. How could I impel you through power-poems? I had all kinds of excuses for myself. Yet like the labor pains of a baby moving through the birth canal, I had to deliver.

This is something I have done for years, primarily among family and friends. I have been graced with the opportunity to allow my words of affirmation, words of inspiration and words of encouragement help you birth the potential within you. So embrace my words in poetic form and I expect that they will be of benefit to you.

I wanted to know from God why me, I’m not a professional writer, what would I say that hasn’t been said. And surprisingly the answer was because you will offer to millions what you didn’t have but learned to acquire through My Word. While I expect that my power-poems will benefit all I do know that all will not be receptive, and that’s understandable. Nevertheless, to those whose hearts are open to receive may you find strength and support in these power-poems and inspirational postcards.

About the poems that empower

To you my brother or sister (just for clarification if you are of the male gender then you are my brother and female gender you are my sister) who want to in faith put this principle to test I am optimistic that you will prevail. You are probably thinking well what do I say, where do I begin. You have already begun because you are here getting this life changing information. So let me address what you say. That is where your A.I.D. comes in. A.I.D is the acronym for Acquire to Inspire Devices. These devices are the power-poem and inspirational post card with positive messages for a specific area of needed support.

You may wonder why inspirational postcards instead of little business size cards with quotes. Because how we continue to be blessed is by being a blessing. And since I have committed to helping you birth your potential then you can help someone else by mailing them the post card that helped you. In turn you are also giving back to me the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else through referral of your testimony. This is the way God intended it to be, us helping one another.

If you read a self-help book I referred on this site that you found to be a blessing, pray and ask God who you can give the book to read. Personally I like to keep my books as a reference tool.  I too have to keep myself motivated that I might continue to produce quality A.I.D for others. Although, I have and will refer them to my source for the book or even in some cases buy it for them. I can’t reach everybody but with you and me working together we can reach more together than either of us could have alone.

Alone is the unnatural state that I’m trying to help you detach yourself from because you are not alone. I believe in you and I know that you have what it takes. The potential is already inside you, you need only to build up the courage and faith to produce. Start today, start NOW!