About the taxidermy publications

More so than associations, I advise subscribing to Taxidermy Publications, both in principal and action. Order those magazines. Visit your used book stores. Shop books on Amazon or Ebay and the zillion other on-line book stores. Ask your local library when they plan to hold their annual sale.

Collect taxidermy-specific how-to books, trade journals and magazines, texts of both old and new print, for the beginner and those geared towards national museum scientific standards. Collect other taxidermy publications that may not be geared so towards the how-to’s but towards the deeper meanings and theories. Also, consider a few choice magazines that will offer good reference photos you can add to your collection.

(What? You don’t have a photo album full of reference photos on hand?!?)

Even the most seasoned taxidermist should keep a readily available supply of reference photos for both himself and his customer. Many times over the years I have had to show my customers this book of photos to demonstrate that their request is nothing short of completely abnormal.

Furthermore, although I specialized in mounting fish, there were just some fish I didn’t mount often enough to keep an accurate image of in my mind. Reference photos help ensure you turn out a life-like mount.

About the taxidermy publications

Local fishing and hunting publications are good for references, since they will feature animal photos of your local variety. These journals also help you stay up on current news and trends.

If Large Mouth Bass are your bread and butter, it’s helpful to know when a particular lake is having a boon – or, when for some unfortunate reason a massive fish kill takes place. Um, you might want to brush up on your turkey mounting skills…