About The Universal Laws Of Attraction

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This is an epitome of The Universal Laws Of Attraction, the way I have interpreted and explained it on my web site. Please study each and every page for a deeper understanding.

When you have gone through all my pages about The Law Of Attraction, you will hold a special map of all your hidden treasures, in your hands. It is your task to go out and dig them up, no one else can do it for you. This treasure hunting, journey or process is not a quick fix, although it is a much pleasant and joyful adventure, well worth its effort!

Let us go backwards and make a summary:

  • The one and only answer concerning how to Be, Do and Have anything you want is: Be truly Happy!
  • To be truly Happy, you need to Give freely from your heart.
  • To be able to Give freely from the heart, you need to feel true Gratefulness.
  • To be able to feel true Gratefulness, you need to cleanse your mind from limiting blocks and perform Forgiveness.

About The Universal Laws Of Attraction

Use the Universal Laws Of Attraction in following ways to Be, Do and Have anything you want:

  • Realize that everything is made out of a or a Formless Substance, The Universal Vibration of Love or a Quantum Hologram
  • Realize that there is more than enough of everything for everybody and that God rules in Almighty Love and Abundance.
  • Have faith in the fact that you are Loved and that your true nature is to Do, Be and Have anything you want.
  • Be open to receive Forgiveness.
  • Forgive all and everyone for everything.
  •  Cleanse Your Spirit from all subconscious limiting blocks and live aligned with your own Holy Contract.

When you follow these rules and benefit by The Universal Laws Of Attraction, the following will automatically happen:

  • You will spontaneously adapt an  Attitude Of Gratitude
  • When witnessing Abundance within yourself, the habit of Giving From The Heart
  • will naturally occur!

The result from this will be the following:

  • You will become peaceful and tremendously Happy.
  • Your genuine Happiness, Abundance and Grateful state of mind will attract all that you want to Be, Do and Have into your life. This will make you even happier.
  • Your Goals will manifest easily!