Acai Nutritional Benefits – What Is So Special?

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For centuries, acai nutritional benefits have been valued by the people of the Amazon. They use the acai berry to treat many medical conditions and as an energy giving food. It has long been a staple in their diet making up to 42% by weight of their food intake. Wow, that’s a lot of berries!

Nutritional scientists like to research foods consumed in other cultures that do not have the same diseases we do in the United States. Their goal is to identify the specific foods in the diet of these cultures that are helping those populations avoid the diseases that plague Americans.

The natives of the Amazon provided a great example of vitality that has intrigued scientists and therefore led to America’s and the world’s interest into this fruit. What they found is that good things DO come in small packages!

The Top 5 Reasons Why The Acai Nutritional Benefits Are Phenomenal

1. The Acai berry has the highest antioxidant level tested in food.

Want to know what an antioxidant does?

2. The Acai berry contains essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9), which is similar to the fatty acids in olive oil.

It has been observed that people who live in the Mediterranean have lower cases of heart disease. This is attributed to the daily use of olive oil in their diet.

3. The Acai berry has a protein profile similar to an egg.

Picture Sylvester Stallone in “Rocky” chugging a glass full of eggs as he is prepping for his next big fight…then picture him chugging a class full of purple berries. Doesn’t give the same macho image, does it? However the acai protein breakdowns in the body like those of an egg.

Acai Nutritional Benefits   What Is So Special?

4. Acai berry Anthocyanins found in the pigment are 30 times more than red wine.

Anthocyanins are a unique and powerful antioxidant. Think of them as nature’s sunscreen…

5. Acai berry is high in dietary fiber.

The list highlights the nutritional benefits of the acai berry, but not all of them. It is amazing that such a small fruit can benefit human health in so many ways.

Our lifestyles are fast paced and we are continually trying to find ways to do things easier and faster. This includes how we choose our food. Unfortunately, in this quest we have come up with food choices that are less than nutritious.

Even the fruit we buy from the grocery store is becoming less and less nutritious because of over-harvesting, pesticides and our desire to have a bigger, and more appealing to the eye product.

However, after doing a little research about the acai nutritional benefits, I have become so aware of how Mother Nature provides us with “just what the doctor ordered”. So, basically we need to just listen to Mom!

Now that we have learned how to bring the acai to market in this country, we too can benefit like the natives in the Amazon.