Accent Interior Design

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You need to get organized but don’t want it to look industrial or office depot-like. What can you do?

Try accent interior redesign. With accent interior design you can organize and decorate at the same time

I call it accent interior redesign because you can redesign or organize your room using a few important accent pieces.

I’ve combined organizing and design concepts. These tips can be really chic, I think you will like them.

-choose end/coffee tables with storage underneath. Purchase a round decorators table with a built in shelf and place a beautiful cloth on top. No one will know it is being used for storage.

-Store magazines in a decorative wrought iron or wicker basket.

-Stack decorative hat boxes in a corner (perhaps by the front door). Designate one for bills to be paid, one for insurance claims to be submitted, and one for papers to file.

-find corner pieces of furniture.

Accent Interior Design

-Use a painter’s dropcloth and cover sofa for a new chic look.

-Find a bakers rack or even a small ladder as a decorative accent piece. Both are superb for displaying and storing linens, blankets, quilts.

-Use folding screens to hide anything that is unsightly-toys, crafting places, sewing machine.

-Pull out the china and make an attractive display. Arrange accent pieces in an “M” or “A” position. An “M” means two taller accent pieces flank a shorter piece. The “A” position involved a taller accessory in the middle with two shorter pieces on either side.

-Use a chair as a decorative accent piece. Place some pillows or blankets stacked up on the chair.

Keep your Decorating ideas organized

If you’ve recently decorated, even with just a paint job and some new fabric, you’ll want to keep a record of what you’ve done.

Why? When it comes time to get more of the fabric you love or if you need to touch up some of the paint job, it will be easy to look up the name of the paint or the fabric.