Add Photos & Clipart to your site

Elvis Elvis

Adding small, eye-pleasing images to your site, can help your readers digest your site’s valuable content. Probably more than half of your readers, are visual people, who respond quicker by seeing visual cues while reading your inspiring content. Chances are, your readers will find your site more enjoyable to visit, deciding to come back for more later and tell their friends about you too.

However, remember, people are normally searching for useful information. So don’t make your photos or clipart the focus, however, if you are an art dealer or photographer don’t be afraid to show your talent.

With various web businesses I either owned or assisted, I’ve had the most success using eye-catching, pleasing, small high quality photos scattered throughout the site.

Add Photos & Clipart to your site

If necessary, beside the small photo, I would include an hyperlink to a much bigger version of the same photo. Especially useful if you trying to rent or sell expensive houses, hifi gear, cars, jewelery, and big ticket items.

Make your photos target your site readers. If you target home business owners, don’t use corporate photos.

The trick is to add perceived value to your content with small, fast downloading, high-quality photos spread evenly throughout your site.

Author: Stephen Dunbar