Add some healthy food to get more fit

It’s so easy to think about a healthy food habit as something very boring and restrictive, like a diet, with no coffee, no tea, no alcohol and no chocolate. But eating healthy food doesn’t mean cutting out everything you love or like. It is about adding something nutritious in your daily diet.

If you don’t eat breakfast try to add breakfast to your diet. If you still don’t manage to get down a bite in the morning at least add a glass of juice. I’m surprised how many people who don’t seem to know the difference between juice and nectar (as it’s defined in Europe, at least): Juice is 100 percent fruit, no sugar or no water added. Nectar is made from some juice, but has water and often sugar added, too. I don’t need to tell you what to choose! The best thing of course is to press some oranges yourself or make other fruit juices in a blender, but juts for a start – keep it easy.

Add some healthy food to get more fit

If you bring food for work add a piece of fruit. Or add some carrot, celery or cucumber sticks. Nuts are great for minerals that many of us lack, but choose unsalted nuts. Add a salad leave and some sliced tomato or sweet pepper on your sandwich. Add a couple of glasses of water during work hours.

Add some extra salad for lunch or dinner. Here in Greece where I live it’s common to have several salads or vegetable dishes on the dinner table. There might for instance be one salad with finely chopped salad leaves and spring onions, another simply consisting of boiled beet root with garlic and a third being black eye beans with chopped red onions. All sprinkled with olive oil and lemon.

Eating healthy food in Greece is very easy and it’s one of the reasons I have become so concerned about a healthy food habits. Here you eat what’s in season, what is locally produced now. Needless to say, tomatoes picked in the fields of the neighbor village yesterday have a much higher nutritious value (not to mention that they taste better!) than tomatoes picked in Spain God knows when and shipped in. So here’s another tip for healthy eating habits: Add a local product that is in season now. What is grown where you live or close to where you live? What was picked or harvested only days ago?

In the Western world we think we spoil ourselves, while actually destroying ourselves. We think we need to be able to eat everything all year around. So stone free grapes from Brazil are shipped to northern Europe because we have to eat grapes in January. In a Norwegian shop recently I saw peeled and washed carrot sticks ready to eat – imported from USA (despite carrots being a great, natural Norwegian product). What do you think has been done to these grapes or carrots to survive the journey around the world and still look fresh under the plastic cover in the shop? As for stone free grapes – they grow it where I live and I don’t believe there is a more artificial agriculture product, filled with pesticides both on the outside and the inside. When generous neighbors gives us bags with stone free grapes during harvest they go straight in the bin. I won’t even feed it to my chickens.

Add some healthy food to get more fit

That was a healthy food lecture that brings me to the subject organic food. I know the prices of organic food can give anyone a shock, so start by adding one organic product at the time – and feel the difference! I recently bought organic tea for the first time and was delighted to finally get a tea that is really tasty. I usually buy these cheap teabags and put two in the mug, but even that isn’t enough. So in this case at least it won’t be much more expensive to only buy organic. It helps to know that the nutrition value of organic products is much higher than in fruits and vegetables that are not organic. Organic carrots might be three times as expensive as the non-organic, but you only need to eat about one third to get the same amount of vitamin A, K, C and potassium as in non-organic carrots – not to mention all the stuff you avoid feeding your body.

Add a meal made from scratch. If you’re used to buying ready meals or semi-ready meals it can seem like a huge step to start cooking healthy food from scratch. But again – start with something simple: Spaghetti with home made tomato sauce, for instance. Or boil some potatoes for a potato salad.

Eating healthy food even means adding chocolate. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that protect against heart disease. Some dark chocolates are really bitter and taste horrible, but keep on trying different brands until you find one you like. Red wine also is also supposed to protect your heart. So don’t forget to add a glass or two of red wine to your daily diet!