Add Style to Your Gardening Decor With Garden Statues

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Read this before buying a garden statue. Garden statues are available in many styles and can add a touch of elegance to your gardening décor.

If you are going to purchase a garden statue for your landscape you’ll see there are hundreds of choices available. That’s bad because it can be overwhelming. The GOOD part however is that you’ll have so many options including:

  • Many price points.
  • Different styles & themes.
  • Lots of places to purchase them.
  • Available in different materials.

If you have a theme or style you are trying to achieve there is definitely a garden statue that will match your taste. Since there are so many places to purchase a garden statue, and they are easy to find, spend a few minutes having a look at various websites to get a feel for what you would like to see in your garden. Consider these variables when garden statue searching:

Add Style to Your Gardening Decor With Garden Statues

  1. Money
  2. Theme or Style
  3. Size & Weight
  4. Materials
  5. Shipping or Transport

Garden Statue Purchasing Tips:

[1] Money – How much money do you want to spend on your garden statue? Prices are all over the board depending on size, materials, details, and where you make the purchase.

[2] Theme or Style – Think about what look you are going after in your yard or garden. Do you want a religious figure, something cute, a serious statue, an animal, or are you implementing a theme.

[3] Size & Weight – How large of a profile do you want to project in your garden. If you want a focal point choose a large statue so it will stand out. A smaller statue will blend into your garden more.

Consider the weight as well. If it is too light weight will it blow over easily or get knocked over by animals or children. If it is too heavy can you move it when needed?

[4] Materials – Concrete molded garden statues are the mainstay of garden centers, but they are also available in other materials including plastics, fiberglass, stone materials like marble, and metals such as bronze.

The material you choose will affect the price, weight, and durability. If for example you are putting your garden statue in an area that could subject it to getting hit, pushed over, etc, you may choose a material that does not break easily such as fiberglass or metal.

[5] Shipping or Transport – This can relate to cost, weight, and logistics of getting your garden statue home. You may find a great pricing deal out of state but the shipping cost could eat up your savings.

Also, consider the size and weight of your garden statue because it can affect how you personally transport it home. If it’s extra heavy, how do you get it from your vehicle to your garden without hurting yourself or damaging the statue?

Add Style to Your Gardening Decor With Garden Statues

Garden Statue Styles

Below are several statue themes and styles to use as your brainstorming tool when making a purchase.

Religious Garden Statues:

  • Catholic Statues
  • Virgin Mary
  • Madonna
  • Saints
  • Jesus
  • Other Christian styles
  • Angels
  • Buddha
  • Hindu
  • Others…

Classical Garden Statues:

  • Greek gods & goddess
  • Roman styles
  • Statue of David
  • The Thinker
  • Lady Justice
  • Others…

Mythical Garden Statues:

  • Fairy
  • Dragons
  • Gargoyles
  • Others…

Animal Garden Statues:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Frogs
  • Turtles
  • Eagles
  • Horses
  • Elephants
  • Bears
  • And many others…

Holiday Garden Statues:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Others…

Lifestyle Garden Statues:

  • Mother and Child
  • Sports (golfing, fishing, etc)
  • Others…

Regional, Ethnic & National Garden Statues:

  • Cowboy
  • American Indian
  • Egyptian
  • African
  • Spanish
  • and Many other Cultures around the world

Bust of Famous People:

  • Presidents
  • Composers (Beethoven, etc)
  • Greeks & Romans
  • Others…

Other Garden Statue Styles:

There are other themes & styles beyond the above list. This will give you a starting point in your garden statue search.