Administering Dog Medication

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You’ve just come back from the vet with some “dog medication” to give him. Finally, thanks to it, your pooch will be on their way back to good health. Your heart is breaking as you see your dog suffering with whatever ailment has lead to a visit to the veterinarian.

You open the bottle of pills and you fish out the recommended dosage. As you attempt to give the pills to Fido, you discover that he is not inclined to take them resulting in some teeth showing, a growl, or a regurgitation of the pills once you have forced the dog to take them.

What is this?! Fido is sick and you have the cure. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appreciate your same sentiments and puts up a wall of resistence. Now you become frustrated and they become determined.

What to do?

Treating a dog illness can be difficult. Sometimes we’re all a little bit like Fido. We resist what’s good for us even when it’s at our expense. What to do! Well…we may be reluctant to use deception with our best friend, but if it’s for their own good…

Here’s the game plan…

Administering Dog Medication

Dogs, like people, have things they like to eat just like us. High on their priority list is: cheez whiz, peanut butter, hot dogs, and marshmallows, and liverwurst. They like these food products but they don’t like their medications. By taking a treat they like and wrapping them around the pill, Fido is lured by his favorite food and will not realize that the medication is located inside.

There are commercial products that make this task easier and less messy. There are companies that have created a dog treat that makes the task of administering dog medication easier and less messy. These products have a preformed hole in the center allowing for easy insertion of the medication into the treat. Once inserted, you simply squeeze together the end of the treat. Your beloved pet,lured by a yummy and nutritious product, eats the treat with the medication inside. Medicrunch is a company that makes a product just for the administration of meds to your dog or puppy.

Another alternative…

Is a treat made by Dogtown Bites – Marzipan, a soft confection forming an easy conduit for pushing a pill into the center. You can purchase Dog Town Bites Marzipan from Ultimate-Dog-Treats. Please see the Dog Confections link to purchase this item.


Whatever the enticement, masking the medication is the goal and if it helps to get your best friend better…you’re both ahead of the game!