Advice for working on art on the computer

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So in the “21st century, where does this leave us as artists.

  • Do we fight it.

  • Or do we go with it.

These are wise words…………………

So “When in Rome, do as Rome Does” and YES, we are getting into quotes here. This means that we should join the digital art numbers of artists finding different ways, to extend their own art works.

Do you know that there are some artists that have emerged that just do their art on the computer alone. So the old pencil sketching and picking up the brush seems to have passed them buy somewhere in their line of art.

Now that could not have happened before computers came onto the art scene. So do we really call these artists TRUE ARTISTS? we certainly do, though in a different area. These such artists would probably argue with me here, they would probably say that they are artists just like ourselves. But REALLY! are they.

Not in the sense how we would look at all that time that we have spent getting our hand-eye coordination on paper and canvas just right. In fact these computer artists have learnt in a way that separates them from the reality of getting down and dirty with their art, the knowledge if you make a mistake – it might otherwise not be able to be erased from a piece of art work, as you can from a computer.

Advice for working on art on the computer

Art computer software has a memory, and if you get it wrong, you can always just erase the mistake or take a few steps back a few painting or drawing strokes in the computers memory.

Yes, we are all artists, though in different areas of awareness, meaning that everything the computer artist does, is revealed on a screen. They don’t get dirty, they don’t feel the paints on their brushes, and in a way they are missing out.

But is this of any consequence to these futuristic artists, they are happy in their futuristic world, and they can do some beautiful work. How knows how much better these art computer programs will become in the future.

Designers and free lance artists and editors can set their hourly rates by dividing their annual income needs by 1000.

~ Mike Rider

I have worked with computer software art, and I like them, though it takes a little while to get the hang of it all. Especially when you are supposedly drawing on a graphics tablet and struggling to get your lines right as they pop up on the screen art on the computer in front of you.

This is still a problem for me, and I long to return to the pencil and paper where I can get the feel of what I am doing. Though I do like the feel of the brush strokes and color that the art software can achieve these days. I am impressed and I am sure you would be too if you have never done any computer art, but for the initiated, you know what I mean.

Computer software can change our original artworks considerably and change color to black and white, sepia,  even to sketches if we want. And this is where I think this sort of software is going to benefit the original artist. Jump aboard, you have the ability to change your art work, and every new scene is another piece of artwork that you own.

Get on board and join the computer art world, we might not be compelled to give up our brushes an pencils for computer art, but we can certainly use it to expand and intensify our original art on the computer for brochures, limited edition prints and personal art for ourselves or friends.