Advice on drapery for bay windows

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by Mary
(Atlanta, GA)

We are painting our master bedroom a pretty Dark Green.

The two windows in the bedroom are the focal point.

One is a large Bay window, the other; a large arched window.

The room gets a lot of light and already have plantation blinds (white).

The trim is a nice cream color.We need to have drapes made with blackout lining.

It is a large room. What color of drapes would you recommend? I vote for cream colored, my husband wants a gold/taupe color.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Mary Edwards.

Advice on drapery for bay windows

Hi Mary

It all depends on how much of statement you want to make. Do you want it subtle then go for the cream.

If you want more of a WOW factor. Then your husband is right. Gold would work well with green. Also red is a color to use.

So red and gold to add drama and cream to give a more subtle and calm feel.

If anyone else would like to add their preferences then don’t be shy and post a comment at the end here.

Best Regards