Advice On Planning To Buy A Cat or Kitten

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Do you know there are rather a lot of cat breeds to choose from, and this makes choosing one particular breed very hard indeed. This is no simple decision to make, and far too many people go out and buy cats-and-kittens on impulse, or as gifts without fully considering the ramifications it will have on both family and the cat. Getting a cat involves a lot of responsibility, time, work and some money.

Advice On Planning To Buy A Cat or Kitten

Cat-adoption requests you ask the following basic questions before you purchase a pet cat-and-kitten and get the right answers before you do:

1. What do I want the cat for? a home based companion or for the children?

2. Do you want a kitten, adolescent or mature cat? Are you prepared for raising and training a kitten, or do you want to be over that and get a more settled animal or are you interested in adopting a mature animal?

3. What type of personality and behavioral traits are you looking for? Something docile, or one that is more assertive? Do you want a pedigree or mixed breed cat?

4. How much time to you have to devote to the cat? If you are busy and not at home much the cat will suffer from loneliness and become a very unhappy cat indeed.

5. Will it share your life with other cats, or other animals such as dogs, rabbits and birds? Will they all be able to get along?

6. What is your budget? Not just for buying the cat but for ongoing care over the long term.