Advice on sewing eyelet curtains

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by cheryl
(melbourne )

I’m making plain eyelet curtains with rubber backed material and want join a 12 inch striped border on the bottom with the same type of material.

I’m not sure how to sew these two pieces together should I just do a normal flat seam, or a french or etc. I want the folds to fall properly.

Advice on sewing eyelet curtains

Hi Cheryl

If the place where the join is falls against a wall under your window. So the seam won’t be seen then just sew a simple flat seam. This will drape a little better when hanging.

If you are going to see the seam from the back. For example if they are to hang on a patio door. Then they would be better with a french seam to hide the the rough edges.

If the fabric is really thick and heavy. Then you may be better even if you are going to see the seam to make it a flat one. I would rather have them look good from inside the house rather than see a beautiful seam from outside. But the curtains hang terrible inside.

Best regards