Advice on the depth of the pelmet

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by Graham Daniels
(Barnet, Herts)


I am making a stiff pelmet to go round a bay window. I have read from various sources that as guide the depth of the pelmet should be one-sixth of the curtain drop. However, I have made a section of mine and it does tend to look too low but when the curtains are drawn it looks right.

Is the ‘one-sixth’ rule meant to apply only to window length curtains or does it also apply to full length.

Thank you.

Advice on the depth of the pelmet

Hi Graham

You are right about keeping the depth of the pelmet in proportion to the curtains. Like most things it is only intended as a general rule of thumb.

Like all rules it can be broken on occasion. Looking at you window I would say it is about 2 inches to deep into the window.

You have two options, remake your pelmet.

Lower the velcro tape on the back of your pelmet. Allowing the pelmet to sit higher. If space over your window allows. This obviously is the easiest option. Your track stays where it is and no real adjustment to your pelmet.

I am sure it will look great when finished. Send me a picture. Best taking it in the evening when the sun has gone down. I have the same problem with my pictures. The dreaded overexposure due too much light coming in through the window.

Best Regards