Affirmations that help – “I’m Awesome”

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You have 2 minutes to think of as many things that you like about yourself as you can.

For example:

1. I make websites that help people.

2. I look good naked.

3. I’m funny.

4. I can cook.

5. I brush my teeth twice a day.

6. I smell good.

7. I get good ideas a lot.

8. I have style.

9. I eat a lot of healthy food.

Betcha can’t beat 9!

Affirmations that help   Im Awesome

Take a minute to look over your list and absorb it.

Now take 2 minutes to think about and write down why you deserve respect.

For example:

1. Because I have fought hard all my life to function despite this debilitating illness.

2. Because I am kind to people.

3. Because I focus a lot of my energy on trying to help people live happier lives.

4. Because I have many talents.

5. Because I am respectful of others.

6. Because I learn from my mistakes

Now take a minute to look over your list and absorb it.

If you’re doing this exercise again, try to get more answers (and different ones) than you got last time.