Aging Baby Boomers – Turn Back The Clock

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Just the term “aging baby boomers” scares me. I like to call it “anti-aging for baby boomers. Who comes up with such words?

I consider the word “aging” to be connected to a fine glass of wine. When I look at it in this way…the older, the better. See what it still in store for us as we age?

Okay baby boomers…So we are all here in the same boat. We look in the mirror these days, and we don’t exactly see the reflection from 30 years ago.

The mirror these days reflects a very different looking person…a few (or more) wrinkles (or laugh lines) I like to call them, dark circles and crows feet around the eyes, a bit of a tummy bulge, maybe even a few age spots (NO they aren’t new freckles).

For baby boomers aging, I’m sure we can all add a few more “slight” changes we are seeing.

I’m sure we will all agree there is “tinsel” in our hair. Tinsel sounds so much better than grey…wouldn’t you agree? This is one of nature’s little tricks that boomers CAN change!! In 30 minutes, we can wash that grey right out of our hair.

I am the “Boomer Queen” of anti-aging skin care products. My bathroom cupboards (yes cupboards) are full of different products, ones that I love and those that just come with broken promises and are not worth the money. I’m sure boomers all know there is no miracles to be had, but we can sure work at it.

Aging Baby Boomers   Turn Back The Clock

When this boomer looks in the mirror, I WANT to recognize who is looking back at me (well as much as possible). I sometimes wonder if it’s my mom (sorry mom, but I’m 49 not 70! and you look great). I want to be active and youthful just like my mom when I hit the big 70!

The mindset of a baby boomer has always been different from any other generation in history. We need to keep that mindset of determination and continue our life’s journey…this time with a little help (or magic) from anti-aging products.

Aging Baby Boomers can look and feel sexy…and we should…because WE ARE!,