Ajna: The Brow or Sixth Chakra

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The Ajna chakra is also known as the third eye or third chakra, and is located between the eyes at the midpoint of the forehead. The endocrine gland supported by this chakra is the pineal gland. Mastering this chakra stops the aging process and is also a function of the hormones within the pineal gland.


The main property of this chakra is light. The ajna chakra governs intuition and awareness of a higher self. Once this chakra is mastered it is believed that the individual can see past, present and future clearly using his third eye. Telepathy becomes a regular sense.

Ajna: The Brow or Sixth Chakra

Visual Representation

The main colour associated with this chakra is indigo. While the diagramatic representation is a white circle, 2 luminous petals in which all the elements are combined.

Additional Information

Deities: Each Chakra has a Manifestation of the Shiva and Shakti Deities. Ardhanarlshvara – Half-Male, Half-Female, Shiva-Shakti, No longer Separate. Hakini Shakti – Imparts Awareness of Non-Duality.

Repetition of the powerful Bija Mantra-Om. Elevates the speaker form everyday reality, through concentration, to the meditative state. Each Petal has a Sanskrit letter Ham and Ksham. Age group most likely to be affected is from birth to age 36 to 42. The planetary association with the ajna chakra is the planet Saturn.