All about dog care

All About Grooming Your Dog

Dog-care and Dog grooming is an important element in your dog’s health. Dogs, whether short or long hair should be regularly brushed. Frequent brushing will stimulate the skin and the coat. Of course you will end up with a cleaner house as a result as you will reduce shedding. Some people also clip their dogs in summer however be aware that you then risk sunburn and even dogs need a good block-out if spending lots of time outdoors. All about dog-care

Most dogs hate bathing and in fact you should only do so on occasions and not weekly as some do. Frequent bathing tends to remove the natural protective oils from the dogs skin. If your dog is dirty then a bath in lukewarm water using a mild dog specific shampoo is recommended. When finished always rinse well to remove all soap and then towel the dog dry. All about dog-care

About Parasites and Grooming Your Dog

When you are grooming your dog always keep an eye out for signs of parasites that may be causing any discomfort. The most common is the flea and these can be controlled using one of the many commercial flea powders, or flea sprays, or anti-flea collars. You should always consult your veterinarian for any recommended treatment or prevention that involves the use of long-lasting topicals or oral products. All about dog-care

I mentioned the problem of ticks earlier. Ticks can be removed by saturating the tick and area with alcohol, and then very carefully pulling off with tweezers. Be very careful not to break the tick and leave the head in the skin as this can cause infection

Mites can also be a problem and they are usually too small to detect. A good indicator your dog is suffering form mites is frantic scratching, biting, and also chewing. If in doubt consult you veterinarian to help diagnose the mite problem.

All Other Health Issues When Grooming Your Dog

Always inspect your dogs eyes and they should be cleaned if there is any signs of discharge. Always clean carefully using a soft cloth that has been moistened with either water or a saline solution. Always inspect the ears and note any discomfort the dog has. This might be indicated by excessive scratching or possibly shaking of the head. Make sure you inspect ears regularly when grooming as any infections can get deep into the ear canal and you should consult your veterinarian immediately for diagnosis and treatment if you find anything. All about dog-care

As we mentioned earlier always use the grooming period for a dental checkup.

All about dog care

Another important check point is the dogs paws and nails. The average domestic dog doesn’t do enough exercise on any hard surfaces to maintain nails to a good length. This means you must do the task and keep them at the right length and comfortable. If nails get too long or misshapen they may cause walking problems for the dog. All about dog-care

Preventing Accidents

Keeping a dog out of mischief and away from accidents is somewhat the same as a child. This means planning and identifying potential hazards and reducing the risks.

The automobile is the number one accidental killer of dogs. This is where training is so important and will save your dogs life. Train your dog to the leash, train them to stay within your own boundaries.

Poisons are another accident cause. You should make sure you keep various household poisons out of reach. In fact there are many household plants that are toxic to dogs. This includes the poinsettias, ferns and philodendrons, the dieffenbachia, and several other varieties. All about dog-care

About Poisons

Household cleaning solutions and chemicals are also a hazard, to family and pets. These are basic detergents, bleaches and oven cleaners. You should ensure that all bottle caps are on tight, and they are stored somewhere safe. This also includes rags and applicators that you use. Also never leave candy or chocolate around as this is also hazardous.

Even the back yard and garage is an accident area. This include vehicle substances such as windshield cleaners and additives, antifreeze fluids, and weed killers, used motor oil and the wide range of insecticides that you use.

Antifreeze in particular is hazardous as it has a sweet taste, and it takes just a few drops to kill your dog. Another common hazard is the many rodenticides that are used to kill mice and rats.

If you suspect your dog has been poisoned call your veterinarian immediately. Also get a sample of the poison along with the labeling to help in proper treatment and antidotes.

If you have any real poisons emergency in the USA call the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center at 800-548-2423.

Preventing Other Accidents

Like kids even simple things can cause problems for your dog. Always keep any sharp objects such as knives and forks, carpet tacks and paper clips well out of reach. Also children’s toys can be a problem as small objects can get imbedded in the dogs throat. All about dog-care and healthy dogs

Dogs do not like temperature extremes. Never leave your dog inside a parked car in hot weather. Do not do this even with the windows partially open. Also never leave the dog outside without enough clean drinking water and shade to shelter in.

It also goes without saying that in frigid low winter temperatures, bring the dog inside away from the cold. It is your responsibility to always shelter the dog from cold and heat, wet and windy weather and excessive sun exposure. All about dog-care and dog health