All about dog training basics

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About dog training and entertainment

All about dog-training-basics. There is nothing so annoying (and embarrassing sometimes) as a rather feral and disobedient dog. It is also very nice to have a dog that is well behaved and shows some discipline. Like most people I can’t stand the incessant and continual barking of dogs either at home or from those that roam around the neighborhood after escaping through the fence.

Another great annoyance are those dogs that continually jump up on you, or those that show latent aggression and growl at everything, and those more suicidal types that chase cars and attempt to bit the tires or snap at bicycles.

These bad and annoying behaviors start when the dog is a puppy and this is the time to start efficient training. If you buy an adolescent or mature dog chances are you will inherit some unwanted and undesirable behaviors that will need adjustment and in some cases rigorous retraining. If it’s really hard to correct you may need the services of a professional obedience trainer. This is often required when you rescue and adopt a dog and this may be complicated with also overcoming previous traumas however you can do so with patience and your dog will be happier for it. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

The average dog is highly intelligent and like humans require mental stimulation to overcome boredom. This involves developing the right activity partnership with your pet and the right dog toys, and you will be duly rewarded with a positive and enthusiastic response as well as burning off some of the excess calories that will also keep your dog healthy. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

About the Dog Leash

One place you need to start is training your dog to a leash and this is a dog-training-basics. You don’t want to be one of those owners that has the dog straining and gasping against the leash and looking like an escapee in the making. Your dog has to feel comfortable on the leash, and this is essential if you are to have control and safety. Get it right and your daily outings will be equally enjoyable

Why do you Need to Leash Train?

In many places a leash is required by law, and that’s one big reason however there are many more positive reasons. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

1. The one big one is that it keeps your dog in control and not liable to race off and disappear after other dogs, animals or anything else

All about dog training basics

2. It give you full control over the dog when they become agitated or excited by a range of causes, from noise, vehicles, people and other dogs

3. The leash is a useful training aid for dog-training-basics.

All About Leashes and Training

To start with a leash your dog needs a good dog collar. All dogs need to be comfortable wearing a collar, so get your dog used to one when they first enter your home. Make sure it is a non tightening collars well. Many dogs are not so happy at the collar being put on and try all sorts of ways to get it the thing off. Make sure that its not too tight or is chafing the skin and after that let the dog get used to it, it might take time but they will adapt to it as normal. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

The next step is to train your dog to the leash. The first thing to do is attach the leash to the collar and let the dog drag it around the house, but keep an eye on the dog in case it snags up on something. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

Now use the leash for your training. When toilet training guide the dog to the designated area with the leash, and use either a food reward or toy to help. Support this exercise with some slack lead and give praise when it is done right. Don’t use the leash and try and drag the dog as they will soon resist all leash activities. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

Also train your dog to walk alongside you. Most people choose the left side so guide the dog to your side using the leash, shorten up the length a little without being too tight. Use small food rewards each time they choose the proper side automatically when you head outside. When you go out walking on the leash keep the dog focused on you. A distracted dog will not be listening to your training commands. Make each outing a fun exercise and your dog will respond accordingly. With some rewards your dog will look forward to heading out, and also will associate walks with learning and stimulation. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.

One leash exercise you will want to teach your dog is the “heel” command. After having got the dog to stay at your left hand side start walking. When the dog starts to drift away and separate from you say “heel” in a strong voice command, and turn sharply to the right. The dog will then be forced to run to catch up with you. You also need to tighten up the leash and pull in the dog closer to your side so that the command is understood. Use dog-training-basics and have a happy dog.